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Well, after two sessions with the children and my back with a few pints and a harsh toll on Mary was good and was very happy. A The next morning I got to bulktube see how nubby to work. If my usual time I went to my first cup of tea and see if they arose. I was surprised, she's in the kitchen in bulktube a bulktube nice dress with a plunging neckline dress that shows to see. Good morning, I smiled. Here is a cup of coffee in the morning. When I sat down opposite me sat at the bulktube table. We want to thank yesterday 's enemy was a special day for us both, as long as the wish that this experience should be. has been a pleasure for me, said he looked into the eyes. Yes, he said, but enjoyed by all. Why are the pretty dress, I asked. To view out, my doctor today to discuss things. expected not say anything. We tried for a long time for our thoughts, and now appear to have come along and know what we need, it is important to take measures, as there are no complications. Waiting silence. You do not want to stop, sit down and do not want me pregnant, so I 'm getting a coil fitted, so that all are having fun. Are you okay with you. I said yes, but you know we need to counsel, set limits and rules so that no one gets hurt. took my hand, she thanked him for his understanding and will talk tonight, when the work is good. Sure, I said and left. Now, as the day progressed, and with just blink pair or two of the boys was a day of fasting. Home is 4 for kids and unfortunately for me much longer. I think if you take the job if they are all gone and done the next day, things go much smoother. I was there for a good 3 hours, as I have heard that call me. walked in and the two were sitting bulktube at the table, her hands, as they face each other through the sa n sat on the top of the table waited. ER about what those rules re etc n I waited again. it seems, he said, as if we all remember the same thing. As I said I have a contract, I hope we can all agree to sign and went inside. He bent and picked up a thick folder and delete it 3 sets of documents. I looked at her and she nodded and smiled. Among the sites offered me I began to read. Not what I expected. ------ I agree on this day all my present full marriage rights given to my wife's body, mind and the passion of my new master. agree to devote all my time on the orders of my lady Mary, to ensure that their needs are more important for me to care. I agree, without hesitation, all the instructions of my new master to follow I agree to allow my teacher has full control over my wife at any time, with the way he wants to do. I agree to clean up duty, if I must arise, are available. bulktube N sleep does not agree to the marriage bed, bulktube but my master command on the ground I agree to provide a total and eternal bulktube loyalty at all times. I agree thatmust be my lover loves me with an appropriate retention system in my small penis causes more problems prevent mounted. I agree, you have sex as much as she wants with my understanding and love from now, my lady. The damn thing made ​​me hard. As I saw smile and nod to what he read aloud. When she finished, she kissed him and bulktube then looked at me saying what you think. Now, I said, sounds good to me, I had hidden the truth for the most part, I agree, blah, blah. I wanted to have her own pussy and ass, and he was happy. That's all I heard and wanted to know. Yes, all right, but what it promises, I asked. I pledge to do what you ask when, how and with whom you want. I promise that is locked in a cage -fighting and never allowed near me again, if the performance of their duties an promise to be faithful to you and only you, in all things. pledge your total bitch, you'll use in any way. Get up, got dressed and kissed her deeply. I guess also, I said and pulled out a pen and all signed a copy of each. Now, he said, can go to the room and complete the transaction. relatives Unfortunately, Terry said she would give me a little too much yesterday and I'm still sore. now had a raging hard on when he said no matter, after question. I watched as she looked at him and said, Now is the time to show me how much I love you and I said yes ma'am. first knelt down and turn on its head, said May you please offer to take my love for bulktube service, sir. leaned over bulktube and kissed me, bent down and pulled my dick free. Quick as a flash button was swallowed by the mouth. was a little embarrassed, but she whispered to me that is your goal, srevice to us. I have to admit, not bad, a head to give and when I was near Cumming grabbed his head and verbally encouraged him to take care of his tail for her. After reaching hand he left us, and she was in my arms, kisses me and tells me how happy to know that her husband was now fully on board for them. was tired and went bulktube soon after, but think about how I realized bulktube later that she wanted to be caught it, and finally, when she and her monthly to make sure they did, it was available. knew the kids wanted more, Mike and John. And it was Chris, that would surely be more choking. I wonder if, when the work must be done over time, we have a party, and ensure that all children get a bonus. More on this later.
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